'Dancing With the Stars' Cast List For Season 14?

It won’t be official until Tuesday February 28th, but as of now, we have come across who is presumed to be tango-ing on the latest season of “Dancing With The Stars.” See below for the round-up, thus far.

  • Gavin DeGraw: singer/songwriter who made news the summer of 2011 for getting assaulted after a show. Friend/ OneRepublic singer, Ryan Tedder claims DeGraw is confirmed to dance.
  • Ryan O’Neal: actor/reality star/ Mr. Farrah Fawcett pulled out last season due to injury but now he is feeling good enough to samba.
  • Sig Hansen: From the “Deadliest Catch” and claimed that he would be on season 14 of DWTS.
  • Paul Reubens: Pee-Wee Herman has said that he would love to dance and Perez Hilton has allegedly confirmed this rumor.
  • Vince Young: player for Philadelphia Eagles who tweeted that he had been approached then took the tweet down. Legal issue or has he decided it’s not for him?
  • Guiliana Rancic: Though the E! news anchor confirms she was approached to do the show, she had to decline do to the heavy schedule.

That is who we have as alleged dancers for now. Check back Tuesday morning for the official line-up.


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