Dancing With The Stars’ ‘All-Star’ Cast to be Revealed on July 27

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When ABC announced that the Season 15 of Dancing With The Stars was going to be an 'All-Star' cast, I near wet my pantaloons, kittens. The possibilities are endless as to who is coming back. While I applaud those celebrities who were horrendous, I sincerely hope they aren't coming back. No offense to any of them, but let's be frank: they are never going to get better. Am I right?

So who then, could we possibly see come back?  We won't have long to find out either! Normally we would be seeing this announcement roughly three weeks before the debut of the new season, but this year, brace yourself, we will find out July 27, 2012 during their TCA Summer Press Tour. And the Fall schedule hasn't even be finalized yet. This season has potential to be outstanding, depending of course, on who they bring back.

Who do you want to see come back? Check out our  list of 13 of our favorite stars that we would love to see come back. We'd love to hear your feedback.


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