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'The Daily Show' Skewers Paula Deen's Use of 'N-Word' (Video)

Tonight on "The Daily Show" substitute host John Oliver slammed celebrity cook Paula Deen who has been accused in a lawsuit of describing black waiters with the "n-word" and planning a “plantation-themed wedding” for her brother.

Deen and her brother are being sued by a former employee who claims sexual and racial harassment. In a deposition, Deen did admit to using the n-word.

“Let’s accept a civil war plantation wedding does sound very romantic,” said Oliver. “Everyone dressed in crisp white linen, and instead of rings the bride and groom exchange slaves, and after the reception the Union army comes through and burns everything to the ground. A day that no one would soon forget.”

According to, Oliver told viewers that Deen revealed in 2012 that she has type-two diabetes, so Oliver suggested she also suffers from “type-two racism.”

“Oh please, Paula Deen’s words aren’t hurting black people anywhere near as much as her recipes are,” said correspondent Jessica Williams.



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