‘Daily Show’ Gets a Real Hostage Negotiator to Help with Government Shutdown (Video)


Ever since the U.S. government shutdown began last week, the term ‘hostage-takers’ has been thrown around often.

Democrats are accusing the other side of taking the country hostage over Obamacare, something that is already law, in order to get something they want. They cite that as their main reason for not negotiating at all with the other side – noting that Republicans’ actions can’t be rewarded with a compromise because that will only lead to more ‘hostage-taking’ down the road.

On Tuesday night, ‘The Daily Show’ picked up the idea of Republicans taking the nation hostage and ran with it. Regardless of whether you agree with their particular viewpoint of how this whole thing went down, it’s undeniable that the segment was very, very funny.  

You can check the whole thing out in the video below.

The Daily Show
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