Daddy Yankee Responds to Gay Rumors, Photo


A picture seemingly showing reggaeton star Daddy Yankee kissing another man began to circulate the web this week. Because the ‘Gasolina’ rapper had been the subject of similar hoaxes in the past, nobody really reacted to the gossip.

Things took a turn for the interesting, however, when a statement that purportedly came from the 36-year-old’s camp ‘acknowledged’ that he was gay and asked for everyone to respect his privacy. Problem is: it was a fake statement. A real statement was issued by Helga García, president of Perfect Partners Public Relations, on Wednesday:

"Once again social networks are the protagonists in spreading false news, which have been replicated by other media involving a public figure. The story that is circulating about Daddy Yankee’s homosexuality declaration is a false story written by an Internet portal as many others, dedicated to fabricate and disseminate news through social networks,” the statement read.

Daddy Yankee addressed the matter himself in the form of some exasperated tweets:

"'I fear the day when technology exceeds our humanity the world will only have a generation of idiots,' Albert Einstein."

He added: "They've killed me, they've defamed me and they will continue to invent sh** about me online, but there is only one truth.

There is no word yet on whether the photo of a man who looked an awful lot like Daddy Yankee locking lips with another man was doctored or not.

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Sources: HuffPo, MTV, Heavy


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