Dad Knocks Out 25-Year-Old Bully On Beach (Video)


An unidentified 25-year-old man was apparently knocked out on a beach by a protective dad.

In a video (below) uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 3, the young man appears to be having having a heated discussion with the father, who appears to be trying to calm him down. notes that the young man allegedly threatens to knock out the father and yells at some girls, "You’re all f------ c----." He then calls some women filming the incident, "Stupid d-----."

The young man appears to takes a swing at the dad, who fends him off and knocks the young guy out with a single punch. The crowd cheers the knockout, after which an unidentified man tries to lift the apparently unconscious 25 year old up several times.

According to, the dad is 44 years old.

Sources:,  Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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