Cynthia Nixon Says She Really Hated One Part of Sex and the City

Cynthia Nixon has come out about her opinions on Sex and The City, where she starred as Miranda.

She said one of the things she hated about the show was the way it tied money into love.

"It is an aspect of the show I never liked. I remember when we screened the first movie in London, when Mr. Big shows Carrie that closet he's built for her and the entire audience clapped. I found that devastating. Maybe that's a strong word, but I was disheartened."

Cynthia is currently married to Christine Marinoni. She had only heterosexual relationships in the past before she fell in love with Marinoni. Marinoni is the former New York Director of the Alliance for Quality Education.

Now, Nixon works as an activist. She is also active in gay rights causes and public education.

She said she is unlike Miranda on the show in many ways. For one, she shops at Whole Foods and rides a subway everywhere.

"What am I going to do, take a limousine?" she said.

Sources: ICYDK


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