Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce: Curves Win Big in UK Beauty Poll


It seems that both men AND women want a little bit of meat on their woman's bones in a poll where celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian are on top of the poll - although Pippa Middleton snuck her way in there at number 3, but I think it's because she is athletic and because...well she's a Middleton.

The survey took place in the U.K. questioning 2,050 conducted by Bionsen - an aluminium and paraben free deodorant range which allows the body to stay fresh naturally.  Okay, so this is not the say all, be all poll, but it's out there. 

Louise Fair
, Senior Brand Manager for Bionsen, said:

“Our findings reveal that being a natural beauty is about feeling more comfortable and more confident in your skin and not about cosmetic surgery and artificial beauty. It’s interesting to see how differently men and women perceive natural beauty.

“Bionsen contains a unique blend of Japanese Spa Minerals and promotes natural beauty by gently deodorising whilst allowing the body’s natural perspiration, so you can stay fresh naturally.”

Top Ten Natural Beauties:

1.Scarlett Johansson 20%

2.Beyonce 8%

3.Pippa Middleton 7%

4.Kelly Brook 7%

5.Kim Kardashian 7%

6.Holly Willoughby 5%

7.Charlotte Church 5%

8.Duchess of Cambridge 5%

9.Rihanna 4%

10.Kate Moss 4%

Top Ten According To Men:

1.Scarlett Johansson 20%

2.Kelly Brook 10%

3.Pippa Middleton 9%

4.Kim Kardashian 8%

5.Charlotte Church 5%

6.Beyonce 5%

7.Rihanna 5%

8.Duchess of Cambridge 5%

9.Lily Allen 4%

10.Holly Willoughby 4%

Top Ten According To Women:

1.Beyonce 21%

2.Kim Kardashian 11%

3.Scarlett Johansson 9%

4.Pippa Middleton 7%

5.Holly Willoughby 6%

6.Kelly Brook 6%

7.Duchess of Cambridge 5%

8.Kate Moss 5%

9.Charlotte Church 5%

10.Lily Allen 4%


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