"CSI" Creator Anthony Zuiker Officially Divorced from Wife Jennifer


Anthony Zuiker, creator of "CSI," is now officially divorced, though he and his ex wife Jennifer are still sorting out their money issues. 

Zuiker was in a rush to get divorced so he could marry Michelle Territo, a preschool teacher he's been dating for a year, according to TMZ. 

He and Territo are to marry as soon as next month. 

Anthony and ex Jennifer are battling over money, and there's likely a lot of it to battle over as "CSI" has generated more than $6 billion.

The two were married in 1999 and did not have a pre-nup. 

Anthony is repped by attorney Laura Wasser and Jennifer is repped by Sorrell Trope.

Sources say Jennifer will likely get her hands on a lot of the money made over the duration of their marriage. 


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