Crystal Harris Trying To Sell Hugh Hefner’s Engagement Ring?

Hugh Hefner‘s runaway bride, Crystal Harris, was spotted in a San Diego jewellery shop over the weekend.

Hefner’s ex fiancée was spotted reportedly attempting to get an evaluation on her $90,000 engagement ring. You don’t think it was because, ouch, she wants to pawn it do you? Snitches speculate that is what Harris was up to.

Harris stepped in to the erstwhile establishment of ‘Prospect Jewelers’ in La Jolla, California. She handed the sparkler over, wanting an appraisal, according to TMZ. The jeweller required written documentation, if possible, as to the cut and clarity of the diamond.

Well quicker than you can say ‘I am a runaway bride and I am no longer engaged’, Harris got on the phone. She used a speaker phone to ring the Playboy Mansion. The person on the other end didn’t have the information immediately to hand, and offered to fax it through.

Harris couldn’t wait. Publicity waits for no woman. She left the store. But not before a little tittle tattle with the jewellery store owner. They enquired after Hef.  According to TMZ, the spy within the store (no doubt hiding behind the charm bracelets) heard Harris say “Are you kidding? It was all for publicity.”

What! You mean to tell me that this wasn’t true love between an 85 and 25 year old. Their love knew no boundaries, and would last any obstacles. This is absolutely devastating news. Here I was, hoping against hope, pining and wishing that the couple would get back together. Where are the tissues?

Oh, the scandal!


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