Yeah, Right: Crystal Harris "Doesn't Notice" Hugh Hefner Age Gap


I don't think I would ever be willing to play poker against Crystal Harris.

The recently engaged Playmate gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight and said she does not even notice the age difference between Hugh Hefner and herself. She threw out the whole age is nothing but a number line and then went home and pushed Hef around in his wheelchair while changing his Depends.

Yes, an exaggeration, but come on. The guy is 84 years old. You are 24. If you don't notice the age gap then you are insane. She gave some stupid story about how she cannot even keep up with Hef. That is because he is getting up at 3am. That is when she is probably ready for bed.

Crystal probably wakes up about 2pm, just when Hef is finishing his dinner and getting ready for bed, and the assembly line. She probably opens her eyes slowly to see if Hef is taking one of those little blue pills, and then pretends to go back to sleep when she sees that little toothless grin.


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