Crystal Harris Cheating on Hugh Hefner With Dr. Phil’s Son?


As many of you now know, Hugh Hefner and is once-soon-to-be-wife Crystal Harris have cancelled their June 18th wedding. For more details, check out Roberta Ferguson’s earlier post on the topic.

Sources are now saying there’s another man in the picture (of course this is all supported by Hollywood’s favorite word: allegedly). And you’ll never in a million years guess who that mystery man is. . .

Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan. HUH? HUH? Whaaat? I don’t even know who the heck that is!

A source close to the former Playmate had this to say:

“The wedding is off and everything has been canceled. Hef is in shock. Crystal bailed and left the mansion at 11pm Sunday night. She has a boyfriend. She is seeing Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan. She thinks she is going to be living with all of Dr. Phil’s millions.”

I don’t consider myself a person easily shocked by the ridiculous happenings of Hollywood romance, but this one was a surprise. Apparently, Crystal has been linked to young Dr. Phil since March of this year, when they were both seen snuggling up close to each other at the Chateau Marmont.

Onward and upward, Hef. Onward and upward. You’ll find another. I’m almost certain of it.

Does anyone else think this situation is weird? Leave your thoughts below.

Image Credit to: Mr. Blue/ and Daniel Deme/



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