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SportsbookGurus Post American Idol Odds; Crystal Bowersox Favored

American Idol fans said good-bye to two contestants this week, Andrew and Katie. Both contestants have given pretty consistent performances over the past few weeks, which could have been part of the problem this week. At this stage in the competition, each contestant needs to be growing as a performer and showcasing star quality performances, which is something that was lacking from both Katie and Andrew on Tuesday.

Big Mike showed America just what kind of performer he can be as he gave one of the best performances of the night, making the judges glad they made the right decision to save him the week before. Crystal was right up on top, as she has been all along. Tim was his usual charming self, but was not given the full attention he deserved during his performance, thanks to host Ryan Seacrest.

The question on the minds of everyone who saw Tuesday night’s episode of American Idol is,” did someone slip Ryan Seacrest a happy pill?” Throughout the evening, Ryan seemed off balance and his behavior was down right weird. It started with a conversation between Ryan and Season 8 American Idol runner up Adam Lambert. The conversation took place during a brief sit down with Lambert in which the two were discussing Lambert’s time with the contestants. In referencing the performances, Ryan belted out a few notes displaying an obvious lack of the talent that Lambert holds. Lambert played along and tried to encourage Ryan to stick out his tongue like all the rockers do. Ryan’s response, “My tongue isn’t nearly as talented as yours.” Weird and inappropriate.

This was not as weird as Ryan’s dance moves shared with a man from the audience during Tim Urban’s performance. Ryan took focus away from the performers and what an all around distraction for everyone on Tuesday night. Some are saying his behavior is the result of little or no sleep and a crazy non-stop schedule. What ever the case may be, the performance remembered by all and what seems to be the talk of the town, came not from the performers but from the host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest.

Once the Ryan talk has died down and fans get back to what American Idol is all about, they will be eager to voice their opinions on who they think will make it all the way through the finals and be named the next American Idol. Online bettors do not have to wait for the phone lines to open, thanks to entertainment betting odds offered at online sportsbooks.

Crystal Bowersox  Even / 1 to 1
Casey James +250
Lee Dewyze +250
Siobhan Magnus +800
Michael Lynche +1200
Aaron Kelly +4000
Tim Urban +10000


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