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'Criminal Minds' Recap 2/20/13

This week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens with an evening aerial view of Austin, Texas. In a crowded bar there are several women in celebration with a soon-to-be bride at her bachelorette party. After several shots later, the soon-to-be bride and her friend leave the bar. They are standing out front of this establishment when the soon-to-be bride decides to go back into the bar and leaves her friend—alone.

In the darken night, she sees a man wearing a Stetson hat. He takes out a cigarette and lights his cigarette. Michelle walks slowly over to Paul, the unsub. She takes out her cigarette and asks the gentlemen for a light. Next we see the two kissing in his truck. Since he can’t seem to progress further, Michelle decides its time to leave. An angry unsub becomes physical with Michelle.

Next we see, Alex Blake at a lecture hall teaching college students. In the middle of her lecture, her cell phones receives a text, she reads it and then asks her teaching assistant to take over her linguistics class.

The BAU team is already assembled on the plane. The agents begin to discuss the photos of the recent murders. To date, there have been three casualties this week: one male and two female. The latest one is Michelle.

Later that morning, Alex walks into the BAU offices with crime scene photos of Michelle. She hands them to Hotch. The two agents notice a male watch awkwardly placed on her wrist. After reviewing these photos, Hotch is in the interrogation room with the soon-to-be bride. He asks her about a watch. In tears, she hands Hotch, her cell phone with a photo, of the two of them in the bar earlier that night. This photo clearly shows Michelle not wearing a watch.

Meanwhile, at the Medical Examiners, Spencer and JJ are examining the body of Michelle. The coroner mentions to the agents that Michelle had been stabbed 40 times. Then the male ME proceeds to show Spencer and JJ photos of the first victim, Craig. He had several large bruises on his chest and back.


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