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Crazy Dancer At Willie Nelson Show Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Although country music legend Willie Nelson is usually associated with marijuana due to his fondness for grass, it looks like his fans might prefer something a little stronger.

A video uploaded to LiveLeak labeled “Mitt Romney & Jim Carrey's love child” showing one of Nelson’s fans boogying enthusiastically and spastically at one of his concerts has led many to conclude that the crazy dancer is high, The Daily Dot reported.

According to a post about the video: “Most commenters seem to think he’s rolling on Molly. That’s a solid bet, especially since they appear to be either on a cruise ship or in Hawaii.”

One poster wrote, “I’m thinking music is supposed to make everybody do this no matter what. The people just standing around are the weird ones.”

Another person chimed in with, “That guy is having a blast and everyone else is just there listening to music, not actually enjoying the music. F**k everyone, That guy is on cloud 9.”

The video is below:

Sources: The Daily DotLiveLeak


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