Cover Your Ears! Heidi Montag Returns with New Album


Once upon a time in Hollywood, a talentless reality TV star tried to pivot to a career in music. She wasn’t the first and she probably won’t be the last, but she will forever be the worst.

The Hills star and plastic-surgery-cautionary-tale Heidi Montag dropped her first album, the aptly-titled Superficial, in 2010. Not surprisingly, the album was met with almost universal critical disgust. The lead single “More is More” peaked at 27 on the Billboard Charts only to disappear into obscurity.

Montag lost nearly $2 million of her own money on the endeavor and has reportedly struggled to make ends meet since dropping out of the public eye.

Unfortunately for the hearing world, the animated Barbie doll didn’t learn her lesson because she’s back with a new EP titled Dreams Come True. You can see the promotional image for the album below. Worse yet, she’s plugging four new tracks on her Twitter page.

Despite acknowledging the utter failure of Superficial, Montag decided to go forward with the new cut using different songwriters and producers. You know – because it was totally her staff’s fault that her first album was unlistenable.

While Heidi continues her quixotic mission to convince the world that she’s good at something, her husband, Spencer Pratt, has cut his showbiz losses and is now pursuing a degree in political science at the University of Southern California.

You can listen to a clip from her first album below. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Unless you have a root canal scheduled, listening to Heidi sing will probably be the least enjoyable thing you do all week.

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