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Frances Cobain's Birthday Present: Crazy Rant from Mom

Yesterday was Frances Bean Cobain's 18th birthday. Due to a court order, Courtney Love is not allowed anywhere near her daughter, so had to wish her a happy birthday online via Twitter. If I were The Bean, I would be pretty grateful Courtney was not around to personally wish her a happy birthday.

It starts out really nice and sweet, and you think you are headed to an "awww" kind of moment.

"just go the page i love you chuck, happy 18th i got you something so bloody awesome, finally. i love you hard day for me"

You would figure she would then follow up with more love, but this is Courtney we are talking about, and her love is totally different than anyone else's.

"and you do know its not exactly a turn on to anyones kids what youve done and its all so f**king UN necseasssry i just assumed no kin ofmine"

"no kin of mine or of kurts who despised yoru grandmother, ( ask charles cross) with a vengeance would go "where the money is" shocked"

"beyond the obviopus heartache why are you trying to desperatly to ruin my life and reputation? what is it did you decide to be linda?"

And then Courtney swings back into love.

"well i long for your kiss and your sweet head smell i long for you i ache for you, i die for you every day my heart breaks for you, sowrong"

And back to mean

"and youve taken away all motivation to do anything i couldnt give a f**k i go where im told go thru the motions why? i warned you theyd come"

"was that thearpist right? why do u want to ruin my personal life? they dont theres billions int his you were manipulated but why sellmeout?"

"youve done a dammed good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive, and i want to know why now that your of age."

"for gods sake now that your of age run like hell they have to give you by law 30k a mionth no matter what not 15k seen your legal bills?"

Aaand the rant continues. It goes on and on like any good Courtney Love rant. It kind of sucks to have your mom trash you online like that on your birthday. Sorry, Bean.


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