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Drug-Free Courtney Love Goes for Natural Look

Courtney Love has been sporting a somewhat natural normal look, as opposed to the cracked out looking mess that she was before. When everyone went, “Wow, she looks different!”, we were curious as to what was up. More Botox injections? Less drugs? Was she finally eating? What is going on here?

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Thankfully, Court is setting the record straight. In a new interview with Us Weekly, she dished the dirty details on how she got that after surgery glow:

First change: She darkened her hair to “look more natural,” she tells Us. To stay toned, she says she’s been regularly “running and doing anti-gravity yoga.” She credits most of her healthy glow from surrounding herself with the right people.

“I used Tony Robbins’ concerto of modeling from people who are good influences on me,” she tells Us. “I try to keep the negative people out of my life.”

Most important: “No prescription meds!” says Love, who claims she is drug-free after a long battle that left her nearly suicidal and in rehab several times. (Late last year, she lost medical and financial authority over teen daughter Frances Bean, to late ex Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, and his younger sister, Kimberly.)

These days, Love tells Us she is in better shape and hoping to improve relations with her daughter. The key? “I’m in a love thing,” she told Us. “Loving myself, foremost – trying anyway – and chanting as always.”

What do you think of her newly refreshed look? I think she looks great. It’s a nice change from her old and tired look. Good for her. It sounds like she’s making changes where it counts. And now she only needs to work on her relationship with her daughter and she’ll be all set!


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