Did 7 Courteney Cox Miscarriages Lead to David Arquette Split?


While I believe the report from The National Enquirer that Courteney Cox had seven miscarriages during the course of her 11-year marriage to David Arquette, I have a bigger problem thinking it was the reason the couple decided to split, or "separate," to use Courteney's words.

Apparently Courteney had a miscarriage as recently as two months ago after a failed round of IVF. Trying to have a baby can be stressful, and maybe it triggers other things too, but I think the reason the couple split is because of what has been said in the past.

Courteney was probably tired of being David's mom and at some point maybe she figured David ought to grow up and not always try and be the class clown.

To say they split solely because of the miscarriages just does not seem to fit who this couple was. What do you think?


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