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Couples to Have Sex on New TV Show 'Sex Box'

A new British TV show "Sex Box" will feature three couples having sex, one at a time, in a sound-proofed cube-like box and then interviewed about their intercourse by host Mariella Frostrup and a panel of experts (pictured).

The sex will not actually be viewed by the audience on the new Channel 4 program, even though the box is situated in the middle of a TV studio.

"I approached it with great trepidation and a degree of skepticism, particularly about why we needed a box, but ultimately I think it was a really really mature, surprisingly for television, look at a subject we've allowed to proliferate in its worst manifestations and refuse to confront," Frostrup told The Guardian.

The panel of sex experts will include: relationship adviser Tracey Cox, American gay activist Dan Savage and author Phillip Hodson.

"The experts we have are not flippant people. That said, there is a levity to the conversation. It's not a massive furrowed-brow type conversation because there's something mischievous when you watch it. We're confident there's a sincere motive behind it," says Channel 4 executive Ralph Lee.

The program is part of Channel 4's "Campaign for Real Sex" season will also include: "Porn on the Teenage Brain," "The Week the Women Came" and "Date My Porn Star."

Source: The Guardian


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