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Couple Has Sex in Public, Refuses to Stop (Video)

Lei Mei Ni and her boyfriend Dong Jen reportedly had sex on a public bench in Anhui, a province in China.

The bizarre incident was caught on a non-graphic video (below), notes

According to the Daily Mail, parking lot attendant Tain Yu told the couple to stop, but Dong told Yu, "Hang on, I'm nearly there."

"I was shouting at them to stop and they were saying they were nearly finished," Yu recalled. "I took down their names, but in the end did not report them. They were very drunk."

Jian She, who shot the video, said, "At first I thought he was asleep or just lying on top of her, but then I saw the tell-tale signs. His trousers being down also gave it away, but when the guard came over, rather than cover up, he just started to speed up."

Sources:, Daily Mail


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