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Country Star Randy Travis Pleads Not Guilty to Simple Assault Charge

Randy Travis pleaded not guilty Friday to a simple assault charge from an incident that took place in a church parking lot last August. 

Travis was cited in late August after he allegedly was involved in an argument between his girlfriend and her ex-husband, according to the LA Times

He has requested a jury trial in the matter and a court date has been set for March 11.

Larry Friedman, Travis' attorney, said the country singer intervened as a "good Samaritan" when two men began harassing the woman and her teenaged daughter. Once law enforcement arrived, Travis said one of the men attacked him and that he was only fighting back to defend himself.

This parking lot incident was the latest in a series of incidents over the last year. 

In February, Travis was arrested for public intoxication. In early August he was arrested for driving under the influence and retaliation or obstruction, as he allegedly threatened an officer.

Friedman told the Morning news, "Randy is no longer drinking any alcohol. He's committed to a new fitness regimen that includes a strict three-hour workout every day and a new high-protein diet."


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