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Brooke Mueller Asks Friends for Clean Pee for Drug Test

Back in the day, I remember when neighbors would come knocking for some forgotten ingredient for some food they were making or to borrow some obscure tool, but for some reason, it just does not seem like it happens as much now.

Maybe it is because people are scared of their neighbors, or what they will see when the neighbor opens the door, or maybe the neighbor will want the favor repaid by asking if they can swim naked in your pool. Who knows.

Anyway, I do know that no one has probably ever gone knocking and asked for a cup of pee. That is unless you are a neighbor of Brooke Mueller.

According to Radar, when Brooke found out she was going to have to test for drugs, she started calling her friends for pee. The problem is she does not have many friends who would test clean. Does she think the testers are going to let her come in and bring her own pee? It is not BYOP. Good luck on that, Brooke.


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