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Could Casper Smart Be Using Jennifer Lopez?

Should Jennifer Lopezstart being a little more cautious with her younger beau? His former BFF certainly thinks so! Dancer Josh Ayers believes that Casper is a “snake”.

In an interview with In Touch, Ayers reveals that Casper is a self-promoter and will do anything to further his own career. The former best friends stopped speaking to each other a couple of months ago.

According to Ayers, Casper hit the jackpot when his girlfriend of two years at the time – Aisha Francis – got him the job with Jennifer. At one point, Aisha and Casper were going through a rough patch, until she found out on TV in November 2011 that Casper had actually already moved on to Jennifer.

Josh believes that Aisha was really good to Casper, but he used her to get what he wanted and then left her for Jennifer. Josh has been watching Casper manipulate women for five years during their friendship and believes that Casper will do anything Jennifer wants as long as it furthers his own career.


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