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Dina Lohan Tries to Buy Ice Cream, Cops Called

Some unimpressed worker at Carvel Ice Cream was steadfast in not allowing Dina Lohan to use Ali’s black card to get ice cream on Wednesday.

When she presented the cashier with her card for free ice cream, the guy asked her for ID. This set Dina into a “Don’t you know who I am?!??” frenzy because he denied her ice cream and even called the cops.

Of course, she makes it sound like she presented the card, got declined and the cashier called the cops right then. The part that she left out was the major hissy fit that she probably threw, in between.

RadarOnline reports:

The shop assistant said, ‘Do you have I.D.?’” Dina said. “Next minute he he grabbed my arm and took my card and held it hostage and wouldn’t give me the cake! This guy was crazy!”

However, her mistake was: she picked up 16-year-old daughter Ali’s card. “I didn’t think it be a problem,” Dina said. “I couldn’t believe this guy… it’s a family card, it just didn’t have my name on it.

“Next minute, four cop cars showed up, there’s a police helicopter over head and this guy makes it seem to the cops that I’m trying to use a stolen credit card — and for what? Over a free ice cream?!”

I’m having a hard time believing that she warranted four cop cars and a helicopter for what she said happened. What is she trying to cover up here?

No matter, according to her, she’s going to have the last laugh in this situation. She added, “Just wait until Lindsay and Ali hear about this. When Ali gets back, I’m going to bring her in every day to this store — and you can print that!”

I’m sure they’re running scared now!

source: EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: Cops Called On Dina Lohan At Ice Cream Store - [radar online]

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