Controversial Documentary on George Harrison Portrays Ex-Beatle as a Womanizer


In an upcoming film, ‘George Harrison: Living in a Material World,’ directed by Martin Scorcese, Paul McCartney claims that Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison "liked the things that men like. He was red-blooded" (video below).

Harrison’s widow, Olivia, admits she often struggled with her wayward husband’s behavior: “He did like women and women did like him. If he just said a couple of words to you it would have a profound effect. So it was hard to deal with someone who was so well-loved.”

Olivia added: “You go through challenges in your marriage and here is what I found: the first time we had a big hiccup in the road, we came through things, and then you go, ‘Wow!’ There is a reward at the end of it.”

By the end, when her husband was ill, she was glad that they had “worked this through together. Through all these things that came between us.”

Olivia also reveals Harrison’s fury at John Lennon’s murder in 1980 by Mark Chapman: "He was angry John did not have a chance to leave his body in a better way."

She worked alongside Scorcese to produce private letters, journals and unseen footage of the star for the film, which has been made to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the singer's death, at age 58, in November 2001, following a long-battle with cancer.

In the film, which is being released in October and shown on the BBC later this year, Eric Clapton talks about how he fell in love with Pattie Boyd, Harrison’s first wife: "I had become more and more obsessed with George’s wife, Pattie. To be honest there was a lot of swapping and fooling around.”

Beatle Ringo Starr is brought to tears by the memory of his final conversation with Harrison, who managed a joke as he lay dying in Switzerland. Starr had to leave because his daughter was undergoing emergency brain surgery in Los Angeles: “George said: ‘Do you want me to come with you?’ They were the last words I heard him say.”

This is the latest music documentary made by Oscar-winning director Scorsese. He has shot a history of the blues, a concert film of the Rolling Stones and an acclaimed movie of Bob Dylan.


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