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Conservatives Outraged Over Miley Cyrus' Performance on MTV

Miley Cyrus' performance on Sunday night's VMAs on MTV has outraged some conservatives.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh mistakenly called the program the "MTV Awards" and then added: “It was just this side of on-stage pornography. It was pure, unadulterated rot,” noted

With disgust in his voice, Limbaugh lamented: "Hannah Montana has become Miley Cyrus."

He also misidentified Cyrus' singing partner as being "Alan Thicke," when it was actually Robin Thicke (audio below).

Not to be outdone, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America Penny Young Nance wrote on

Miley has been on a fast path downward, and our heart breaks to see a young woman so confused and obviously hurting. Women (and men) everywhere are outraged by her VMA performance, but the reality is that you can block MTV, but you still pay for it.

...This should be the last straw for a station that continues to sabotage the future and innocence of our children. If the cable providers, and Congress won’t allow us cable choice then the least they could do is allow us to drop MTV from our package.

I encourage all to call or e-mail your cable provider and ask them to drop MTV and then cancel that trip to Disney this year for good measure. Consumers have power when we use voices and shop our values.

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