Video: Rep. Weiner Snaps at 'Jackass' Reporter for Wiener Question


You know, these kinds of stories just write themselves. A Congressman from New York with the last name Weiner gets in trouble for sending pictures of his wiener to various young women from his Twitter account. Yesterday, news reporters decided to really give it Weiner and asked him how his wiener ended up on his Twitter account. You could tell Weiner was having a hard time talking bout his wiener when he yelled at a CNN reporter who had the nerve to throw a hardball question right at Weiner about his wiener.

"I'm going to have to ask that we follow some rules here and one of those being you ask the questions and I answer the questions, does that seem reasonable?"

Weiner says his Twitter was hacked which is how the picture of him standing in grey briefs showing off his bulging wiener was sent to a college student he follows on Twitter. Apparently the wiener was doing the leading.



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