Compressorhead, Robot Band, Wows Audiences (Video)


Robot musicians, created from recycled scrap, recently played hits by Led Zeppelin and Motorhead at the Frankfurt Music Fair (video below).

The robotic band named "Compressorhead" wowed the trade event for the music industry, reports The Telegraph. The members of the trio are Fingers (guitar), Bones (bass) and Stickboy (drums).

“Compressorhead are built out of metal scrap, most of the movings are made with electro pneumatics," Kolbie, the tech for the band, told "It is controlled via Midi. There is an interface that changes the Midi signals in switch signals for the electro pneumatic valves."

The band also performed at the 'The Big Day Out' concert in Adelaide, Australia on January 25, 2013.

Sources: The Telegraph and


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