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Los Angeles is Ready for Its Own Comic Convention

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Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country and home to some of the most influential geeks in the world. It is host to one of the largest industry conventions in the world yet no one has ventured in to the territory Comikaze is going. Competitors have tried to cut in, but ultimately back down. So what makes Regina Carpinelli think she can do it?

Regina Carpinelli has single-handedly and tirelessly been putting together Comikaze Expo and she has gotten some all-star support thus far. Some companies, who preferred not to go on the record, are excited about the show but won’t be present. When asked, many had the same answer – they are waiting to see what happens. I get it, but I don’t like it.

Regina grew up reading comic books and has stated she is proud of that fact. She also grew up with parents who were event promoters. In her mind it was a natural progression to combine what she knew and what she loved. As a result, Regina has maintained she wants Comikaze to be a family show full of many geeky delights including celebrities, gaming, panels and more. Since the day I met her she has stayed true to her commitment of making Comikaze accessible and fun without sacrificing fans’ convention standard expectations.

I’m sure there will be missteps and the critics are lining up at the door but regardless of the perceived “success” of the show, Regina has proven herself to so many already. And in truth, with her passion and tenacity, I’m not sure anyone could stop her if they dare tried.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is my opinion [hopefully you knew that part] and my opinion is based on knowing Regina for nearly a year. If you want the facts which support my opinion, check out the Comikaze Expo website for all the details which include the celebrity lineup, tourneys, panels and the ridiculously low ticket prices.

I will be attending Comikaze Expo along with thousands of others. This is what Los Angeles needs.

Comikaze Expo can also be found on Twitter and Facebook!

For more information throughout Comikaze Expo, visit Nfamous Gamers.



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