Comedy Duo Ylvis's 'What Does The Fox Say?' Receives Over 100 Million Views On YouTube (Video)

Since being posted on Sept. 3, “The Fox” has been watched by more than 114 million people. Brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker, the hosts of “Tonight with Ylvis,” a late-night talk show in Norway, had no idea it would be this big.

For the promo of their new season, they called on some favors from Stargate, a Norwegian production company responsible for such hits as Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

The company had agreed to produce something for the comedians in return for helping one of the guys at Stargate prepare a birthday gift.

“As comedians, it wouldn’t be a good thing if we went to pursue a hit in the States because they could potentially make something that became big, so we thought it would be more fun from a comedian perspective to come home to the talk show and say, ‘Listen we had the chance, we could’ve made it big, but the only idea we got for the song was this old idea about what the fox says so we’re sorry. We screwed up.’ That was the plan,” Bård said. “That would’ve been funny to say on the talk show.”

“We had started writing the scripts for the show and we even had the introduction to this video, we wrote that as this ‘We’re sorry, we screwed up, this was all we could do,’” Vegard added. The duo said they ultimately had to “rewrite the whole thing” when the video became their biggest hit.

“We had this great opportunity to work with Stargate in New York – and the best we could come up with was a song about what sound a fox makes,” Vegard said. “We screwed up. Sorry. We wanted to misuse the talents of a great producer duo."

The song’s lyrics include the different animal noises (“Dog goes woof, cat goes meow”). Then, asks “What does the fox say?” A synthesiser-led chorus follows, in which the comedians try to guess what that noise could be, such as “Ring-ding-ding-ding-der-ding” or “Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho.”

As for their TV show, the brothers have already recorded some new songs and material for it. But for those who are tired of novelty dance routines, there will be a sigh of relief. “No. Definitely not,” said Vegard, when asked if Ylvis will go into pop music full-time.


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