Comedian Kurt Braunohler Hires Plane to Write Funny Message in Sky

Comedian Kurt Braunohler had many Los Angelenos laughing when he hired a plane to write "stupid things with clouds in the sky." It lasted just 20 minutes, but people managed to get clips of the messages uploaded to Reddit.

"I learned a lot about Reddit today," Braunohler said. "And I don't know the guy who put it up but I got to thank him."

He started the prank when he raised nearly $7,000 on a Kickstarter campaign. His goal was to make at least a few people laugh.

"I think we can all agree that life is a pretty bleak place to be a lot of the time. Often you might even think, 'Who thought this was a good idea to begin with!?' (God - what a jerk). But I think that if there's a way we can, just for a fleeting moment, give strangers an unexpected gift of absurdity, then I think we can make the world a slightly better place."

After finding out that the messages gained a lot of fans through the Internet, he was ecstatic.

"It's such a stupid thing, and I love stupid," Braunohler said. "I'm just so excited that the Internet loves stupid too!"

On his Kickstarter campaign, he gave his backers a few messages to choose from.

Included were:

"How do I land?"

"Clouds 4 EVA"

"OMG I'm flying!"

"Tweet me bro!"

"God's Fartin'!"

The winner was "How do I land?" 

Though it was a successful Kickstarter campaign, he said he doesn't want to make it a habit. 

"I don't want to be the Kickstarter comedian," he said. "It's very tempting to do a bunch of ideas this way."

Sources: Salon, Hit Fix


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