Comedian Katt Williams Arrested for Witness Intimidation


Katt Williams can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble and his latest arrest was for intimidating a tractor driver that was assaulted.  WTH?

A man was working at the Palmdale, California home where Williams was staying, driving a tractor on the property. Three women began throwing rocks at the man.

The tractor operator called his wife to pick him up after sustaining injuries, but when she arrived Katt reportedly pulled up in his SUV and blocked the couple from leaving the premises.

The man and his wife called 911 and police arrested the three women for assault with a deadly weapon and also Williams for intimidating a witness.

Williams was released later that evening after posting $50,000 bail.

After the tractor incident Katt tweeted, “if you admit to crimes on social networks or post evidence #youdumbashell.”


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