Colonel Gaddafi to release Line of Designer Sunglasses


    Shouldn’t you be a dictator with your own designer eye wear collection too?

    Personally I think every dictator should come out with their own fashion accessory line. If C grade celebrities and wanna be socialites can come out with handbag and perfume lines why not dictators with their own eye wear collection?

    fledcontent: Colonel Gaddafi is expected to bring out his own line of eye wear according to sources in the fashion industry. Currently, the shades he wears are custom designed to his liking, nowhere else to be found on the market.

    During his reign, we have seen him wearing more than hundreds of different styles and designs however, only lately has the colonel decided to release his private collection onto the free market.

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    'For when the mood finally sets in- shouldn't you too don some COLONEL GADDAFI eyewear too?'

    And by styles, we mean- there’s the Lockerbie sunglass to be worn during terrorist plots, the PLA sunglass- to be worn during visits to visits to the holy land, and lets’ not forget the revolutionary eyewear collection, which comes in a deep mauve for when your fellow citizens are launching rocket to surface missiles at your front doormat.

    The brand name is yet to be disclosed however fashion “freaks” around the world are growing ever impatient as to when the range is to be launched.

    Isn’t it about time you added Colonel Gaddafi custom made sunglasses to your repertoire too?


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