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Colin Quinn Says Will Farrell Took Drugs, Stole Material

'Saturday Night Live' alumni Colin Quinn recently accused ex-castmate Will Ferrell of doing drugs and stealing comedy material, on Twitter.

It started when Quinn tweeted today: "Anybody see Will Ferrell at Mark Twain awards last night? Great for him I guess. Not bitter but just ... whatever, dude."

Quinn was referring to his old co-star becoming the 14th recipient of the prestigious comedy award, joining Tina Fey, George Carlin, Billy Crystal and others.

Colin later tweeted: "We never really got along at SNL because he took so many of my ideas, but ... Will was into a lot of bad drug stuff and I don't know if he still is."

"Actually, not true I happen to know he still is very much so."

"The years I was at SNL Lorne (Michaels - show producer) was really kind of messed up over various things and I was the shot caller. And that's real."


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