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Coca-Cola's 'America the Beautiful' Commercial Sparks Outrage (Video)

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The latest commercial from Coca-Cola, which features “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages, inspired controversy when it aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

The ad featured a number of people of different nationalities singing the patriotic song.

“The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here,” the Youtube caption reads.

The commercial includes a number of American faces, young, old, brown, white, in cowboy hats and hijabs. It even includes what are said to be the first gay parents depicted in a Super Bowl ad.

Despite the commercial being a cause for celebration of something beautiful, Internet users took to Twitter to condemn the ad.

“Nice to see that Coke likes to sing an American song in the terrorist’s language,” Tyler Wyckoff wrote. “Way to go Coke. You can leave America.”

Others, however, have supported the commercial and denounced criticizers.

“An interracial couple eating Cheerios and non-English speakers drinking Coke,” Bry Mac tweeted. “We're a Benghazi pizza commercial away from a Texas secession.”

Sources: E! Online, TIME


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