Fox News Mistakes Weather For Climate, CNN Anchor Calls Them Out On It With Vulgar Tweet


CNN news anchor Bill Weir faced criticism this week after he called Fox News “willfully ignorant f***sticks” when they ran a headline confusing the words climate and weather.

Fox tweeted the headline “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate with Al Gore” in regard to the cooler than normal weather in Denver during the Environmental Protection Agency’s hearings on climate change this week.

Al Gore's supporters made an appearance at the EPA hearings with free ice cream in “I’m Too Hot” relief trucks.

In response to the headline, Weir tweeted: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant f***sticks.”

After more than 800 retweets and dozens of comments, Weir finally apologized for his tweet on Thursday.

“The glop of Midwestern guilt stuck in my chest prob won’t go away until I apologize to @foxnation for name-calling. Dumb move,” Weir tweeted.

Despite the apology, Weir hasn’t deleted the original name-calling tweet.

Weir, a former correspondent for ABC’s “Nightline” and Good Morning America, has a history of mocking Fox’s coverage. When Weir made fun of Fox’s story featuring the rancher Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the feds earlier this year, one Fox news anchor referred to him as “Bill Weird."

In response, Weir criticized the anchor, Roger Ailes, for attacking him only to get noticed. Weir added that it was a cheesy start for a mediocre talent.

A spokesperson for Fox news said the network was aware of the tweet. CNN has yet to respond for comment.

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Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News


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