Ciara and Rihanna Feud Reignites Again


It seemed like the feud between Rihanna and Ciara was over, but recently, Ciara did an interview that started it up again.

She was on radio station Wild 94.9 in the Bay area when she was asked about her relationship with Rihanna.

"I think she's nuts right now! Like whatever's going on because for me it doesn't make any sense," Ciara said. "I don't have beef with anybody, but I'm not going to be disrespected either. I wish her well. I don't know what her problem is."

"She has a lot of good things going on with herself. A lot of good things I've always said I've been happy for her. I don't get it. I really don't, but I wish her well. I wish her positivity," she said.

Rihanna responded to Ciara's comments on Instagram, asking, "How u gonna hate from the outside??? Thanks for the free promeaux sis!! When will they start asking questions about HER?

Then Ciara fired back with two tweets:

"I am baffled. The obsession really makes no sense. This is getting out of hand…"

"Somebody please point her in the right direction, cuz she clearly needs love and affection…:)"

Sources: Gossip on This


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