Chynna Phillips Slams 'Dancing with the Stars' as a "Popularity Contest"

Singer Chynna Phillips, who was eliminated from 'Dancing With the Stars' this week, told HuffingtonPost.com that the competition is "actually a popularity contest."

Even though Phillips received 21 points from a possible 30 on Monday night after her shaky performance during which she forgot her routine, the Wilson Phillips star doesn't feel that contestants get rated solely on their skills.

"It really does come down to the votes," Phillips said. "And that's kind of sad because it's supposed to be a dance competition, but it's actually a popularity contest."

"You know, you have to have a little bit of faith that there are people out there who are truly voting for their favorite dance, not their favorite person, because it is a dance competition and people are working really hard."

Carson Kressley received a 20 on Monday night, while Chaz Bono got the same score as Phillips, 21. Yet it was Rob Kardashian and Nancy Grace in the bottom three with Phillips.

Although her partner, Tony Dovolani, tried to mask their heartbreak, Phillips. admitted, "I'm disappointed, I'm sad. But I have to take responsibility, I messed up."


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