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Ex-Wrestler Chyna ODs on Benadryl and Alcohol

Former wrestler Chyna Doll was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning Monday morning.

Chyna, who has been on numerous reality shows since ending her professional wrestling career, reportedly took 4-5 times the prescribed amount of Benadryl last night to “help her sleep.” This was also mixed with alcohol, leading Chyna to barely be able to get herself out of bed this morning. She could hardly walk and was vomiting. She was admitted to UCLA’s medical facility, where she is being treated. She is being rehydrated via IV.

Chyna has been battling drug and alcohol abuse for years now. She seems hellbent on destroying her life. It’s sad really; she seems like a nice woman, but the drugs and alcohol are killing her. Maybe BFF Brigitte Nielsen can give her a few words of inspiration. Brigitte and Chyna both starred on VH1’s "Surreal Life: Fame Games" in 2007 and became close friends on the set. Brigitte and Chyna also both starred on "Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab," and Brigitte has been sober ever since. However, Chyna has been hospitalized for drugs and/or alcohol a number of times since the show.


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