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Mel Gibson-Owned Church Closes Temporarily

Based on a photo that was taken of his church and his feeling that this jeopardizes the privacy of his family and parishioners, Mel Gibson has temporarily stopped offering Mass at Holy Family Chapel.    Apparently photos of his daughter were taken at the church – oh my!

Mel instructed church employees to send out mail to his parishioners stating that  “There will be no Masses here at Holy Family Chapel until further notice.”

TMZ Reports: Sources connected with the church say … Gibson was “extremely concerned about the invasion of privacy.” One source adds, “He is not just concerned that photos of his daughter were taken at the church, he is concerned for the privacy of his parishioners.”

Limited services are still being provided for Mel’s inside cadre only – how un-Christian of him – and especially at Christmas!  Mel Gibson is not the easiest person to like, is he?

Photo & story credit to TMZ


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