Church of Scientology Allegedly Auditioned Actresses to be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend

Sources say that before Katie Holmes dated Tom Cruise, the Church of Scientology auditioned actresses for the chance to date the famous actor.

Lured under the pretense that they were auditioning for a Scientology training film, the actress were asked random questions, including “What do you think of Tom Cruise?”

The Vanity Fair article claims that the process aimed to find Cruise the ideal girlfriend and potential wife was carried out by the wife of Scientology Chief DavidMiscavigein 2004.

The winner of the alleged auditioning process was British-Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi, now no longer a member of the Church.

Further details explain how the actress was forced to dye her hair, sign several secrecy contracts and dump her boyfriend. In order to ensure the relationship was terminated, Boniadi was shown her boyfriend’s confidential auditing files.

The Church vehemently denies these claims and said that the auditing process is a deeply personal experience that they would never exploit.

From 2004 to 2005 the couple dated and Boniadi described Cruise’s affection as “intense.”

During the time, the actress said she felt cut-off, the only source of income being a credit card from Cruise’s company.

By early 2005, Cruise dumpbed Boniadi. Vanity Fair reports that she only found out about the break-up when a representative of the Church told her the actor wanted “someone with her own power – like Nicole [Kidman].”


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