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Christina Ricci "Hated" Body, Had Eating Disorder

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Christina Ricci admits she used to hate her body.

The actress battled an eating disorder, anorexia, after she became practically famous overnight. Her low self-esteem about her looks and figure kept Christina away from looking in mirrors.

“For years, I hated myself,” she said. “I covered the mirrors in my house. I literally couldn’t have a mirror in my room.”

Christina - who now is 30 years old - still doesn't like her reflection in a mirror.

“I still can’t sit in a restaurant or someplace where I can catch my reflection,” she said. “I get so paranoid.”

Meanwhile, I loved this girl when she came out in Casper - I was obsessed!

Thankfully she shed a bit of the hatred towards her body when she acted in the 2007 film "Black Snake Moan" - in which she starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson and had to appear for most of the movie in only her underwear.

“For that,” she explained, “I needed to lose any self-consciousness, because I feel sometimes you can see that in a nude scene.”

There had to be some kind of self-confidence, though, to even choose and consider a role like that.


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