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Singer Christina Milian: Ex-Husband The-Dream a Liar

Christina Milian is lashing out at her estranged husband saying she thought they were going to work on their marriage and also reveals in divorce filings that he cheated on her.

Singer Christina Milian and her producer husband are headed for a bitter divorce!

The-Dream served her with divorce papers in February days before she was to give birth to their daughter.  But Christina is fighting back saying they “subsequently reconciled and had marital relations on numerous occasions” in her filing response.

Milian did sign (with her legal name Christina Flores) the divorce papers in The-Dream’s petition, which included a waiver of alimony for both of them and a clause saying automobiles, homes, and other items would go to whoever purchased the item.

Christina is not happy with her estranged husband’s divorce complaint, saying it should be dismissed.

Her reasons according to E Online!:

• They were not living in a bona fide state of separation as he alleged.
• He served her with the papers while she was bedridden and days away from giving birth.
• They seemingly reconciled and were sleeping together after the Feb. 17 filing date, thereby altering the whole situation.
• The-Dream’s filing states that there were no minor children involved. She gave birth to their daughter on Feb. 26.
• She’s entitled to money.

“If the parties’ marriage is determined by the court to be over,” Milian stated, “it is due to the adultery of [The-Dream].”

Earlier this month photos were released of The-Dream getting cozy with his assistant.

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