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Megan Fox Out; Christina Hendricks Best-Looking Woman

Curvaceous and buxom Christina Hendricks of "Mad Men" has been voted the most beautiful woman in America by Esquire magazine. Hendricks nabbed 30% of the vote in an online poll. In second place with 17% was model Adrian Lima, who isn't even American. Last year's winner, Megan Fox, got 14%.

Hendricks appears on the cover of the magazine, looking almost unrecognizable from the woman the men voted for. Inside, though, she looks more like the woman men have apparently fallen in love with.

Hendricks also writes a "Letter to Men," telling them how to woo a woman (not her, she's married). She suggests ordering scotch, and staying away from Facebook, of which she says, "I really cannot stand it." She also says men should know proper etiquette: "stand up, open a door, offer a jacket" to your woman.

Also, keep your eyes north of the border. "The men who constantly stare at our breasts are never the men we're attracted to," Hendricks says.


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