Christina Aguilera Still Drinking Despite Public Intoxication Arrest


Christina Aguilera wasn’t afraid to return to the scene of her recent arrest and repeat the behaviour that got her arrested for public intoxication.

On March 4, three days after a booze-drenched feast at Osteria Mozza led to her public intoxication arrest, Christina and her beau Matthew Rutler returned to the L.A. eatery for another ’round.’  What did they order that night?  Two bottles of wine.

“She acted as if the arrest never happened,” a Mozza source revealed. “When their server offered them dessert, they just asked for more wine.” 

When it was time to leave, “She seemed tipsy,” the observer notes. (The “You Lost Me” singer and her set assistant beau stayed safe this time, and went home via chauffeured limo.)  Still, an Aguilera insider notes that the star hasn’t changed her hard-drinking habits since her brief, “welfare-related” arrest. “She should see the arrest as a wake-up call, but she doesn’t.  She doesn’t think things are that bad.”  Adds another source: “She’s nearly fall-down wasted nearly every night.”

So I guess Christina, like most drunks, is quitting… later.


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