Christina Aguilera Stole Beat for Song "Ain't No Other Man"?


 It seems like everything old is new again in the music industry lately -- just after Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna's song, Rihanna ripped off David LaChapelle, Britney Spears ripped off the title of some 70's song, and now Christina Aguilera ripped off a classic.

via TMZ,

If Christina Aguilera's hit "Ain't No Other Man" sounds like a classic, that's because its infectious beat comes from a 43-year-old song -- and a new lawsuit claims Sony Music hasn't paid the rightful owner for the sample.

Take a listen ... Christina's song clearly samples from a 1968 latin soul tune called "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut"(aka "I'll Be a Lucky Man) by Dave Cortez and the Moon People.

Listen to both songs here and judge for yourself.



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