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Christina Aguilera Fan Uses CDs to Send Message to Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton has been on a constant campaign to smear Christina Aguilera for some reason. She sang at one of his birthday parties in an effort to gain some favor with the blogger, but it’s not panning out for her. Since he’s been on the Lady Gaga bandwagon, he’s been trying to stick it to Christina.

Her first single from the album “Not Myself Tonight” was obviously not her best song from “Bionic”, but it was still better than what he’s making it out to be. He’s dubbed the singer “FlopTina” and trashes her at any given opportunity. What he forgets is that people in the record business see that and they know that he has absolutely no taste in music whatsoever.

His commenters know, too, because they have to be sick and tired of him bashing someone with real talent. All the while, he’s promoting Katy Perry, Travis Garland and Sliimy (remember him??)

One Christina fan got fed up with his antics and took $3,000 to the record store and purchased 250 of her new CD. Not only that, but this fan plans on selling them in China, where the CD hasn’t yet made its debut.

In an artful message to Perez, you can check out what this uber-fan spelled out with the CDs. We love it!

We’re just waiting for the day when he crawls back into the hole he came from, back into obscurity. Actually, we’re praying for that day.

source: A Christina Aguilera Fan Is Trying To Single Handedly Save Her New Album… - [sound off music]

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