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'American Pie' Actor Chris Klein Busted for DUI in L.A.

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Chris Klein -- most famous for being the guy who dated Katie Holmes when she was still hot and able to make decisions for herself -- was busted for DUI this morning after he was seen swerving on the 101 freeway in L.A. In Chris' defense, the 101 is a very tricky freeway to drive when your blood alcohol level is .20 -- THREE TIMES the legal limit. From TMZ:

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Chris Klein could be headed to the slammer in the wake of this morning's DUI arrest -- all because the "American Pie" star has a history of driving drunk. Klein was arrested and convicted of DUI back in 2004 -- and because of that prior arrest, California law requires that he serve a minimum 4 days in jail if he's convicted of DUI again.

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But that's not all -- there's a new law going into effect in July -- which would apply to Klein if he's found guilty after that date  -- that requires multiple DUI offenders to have an "ignition interlock system" installed in their vehicle if they wish to drive. The system is essentially a breathalyzer test that's synced up to the car -- and if he ain't sober, the car won't start.

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TMZ has also learned Klein wasn't alone when he was popped early this morning -- there was a dog in his car that a friend retrieved after he was busted.

I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for this. Chris was probably looking to get arrested so he could generate some publicity for the blockbuster he has coming out this summe -- LOL! -- I almost got that out without laughing. The only way this dude is getting near a huge film is if gets hired to clean the set.

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