Chris Evans Stars in 'A Many Splintered Thing'


We have pics of Chris “Captain America” Evans, Michelle Monaghan (last seen in Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler) and Topher Grace (Predators) on the LA set of A Many Splintered Thing, a romantic comedy that revolves around a man motivated by unrequited love to write about his experiences.

This is the synopsis given when the script appeared on the infamous “Black List” of 2011,

A MANY SPLINTERED THING by Chris Shafer, Paul Vicknair

When a charming heartbreaker finally meets a girl he can’t have, he discovers the true meaning of love by living out other people’s love stories and writing his own.

Direction is being handled by Justin Reardon, making his feature debut and counts McG (This Means War) among its producers. The impressive cast also includes Aubry Plaza, Giovani Ribisi, Anthony Mackie, Luke Wilson and Philip Baker Hall. Production just started about 3 ½ weeks ago for a planned 2013 release.

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